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Be nice. Get to know them.

Can you smell the money?!

Does this property look tired? Learn what benefits these can bring you.

Negotiation negotiation negotiation!

Always always negotiate. NO matter what the circumstances, you must negotiate. If you feel uncomfortable to do this, then train your brain to get used to it and practice in front of the mirror. You will love it – especially when you see the results!

Intelligent decisions

Always remember “When emotions are high, intelligence is low” ! Stick to your figures and know your desired outcome. Don’t let emotions overcome you, focus on logical decisions. You are an investor and different to others out there…. Be prepared to walk away if the deal is not stacking up for you.

Be Creative

Think about how you can create a win-win deal. For example, if you come across a seller who needs to sell because they need X amount of money, then you could offer to give them X amount and agree to complete the deal a few months later

Putting in an Offer

Nerves can kick in! Don't let them! Know your outcome, stay focused and go for it! You can put in offers with "subject-to" clauses!

Offer of £100K subject to...

  • Finance
  • Colour of the walls
  • My builder reviewing the work required
  • Finding a tenant buyer
  • .. the list is endless

Putting in offers will create confidence. You will learn so much from hearing rejections upon rejections followed by triumph and a mighty good deal!


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